Swiftsense and Rugas tie up to develop industrial IOT solution

Bangalore – 20-Sep-2018

Singapore based IOT hardware and platform provider Swiftsense announced its tie up with Rugas Technologies to develop Industrial IoT solutions for Indian markets. The solutions will focus on monitoring various parameters in the manufacturing plant setting which could potentially impact operating efficiency of the manufacturing plant.  The operating efficiency (OE) of a plant depends on 3 factors – availability, performance and quality – of the equipment used in the production line. The IoT solution will help the plant owners monitor relevant parameters that could affect the above 3 factors and do effective interventions that could improve these factors.

Swiftsense with their hardware and platform which could interface with multiple devices using hundreds of industry standard and proprietary protocols, would provide the necessary backbone to collect the individual parameters from the equipment at the required frequency. Rugas technologies with their software expertise would be creating various applications on top of the data, including alerts, dashboards and identifying the underlying patterns using machine learning algorithms which could provide insights to the causes of lower OE and the effectiveness of the interventions made to improve OE.

This is an exciting time to be on the Industrial iot domain, as the iot is barely scratching the potential in the Industrial iot, with advancements in the machine learning domain start to find applications on the industrial domain and the automatic interventions thru actuators in the future can bring in a fully automated factory management solutions.


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