Remote Healthcare Equipment Monitoring

Rugas Technologies in partnership with Swiftsense Singapore has successfully demonstrated remote monitoring of healthcare equipment using the Mark II version of DIXE gateways from Swiftsense. This proof of concept project was developed for Surgical C-Arm Systems from one of the country’s leading Healthcare equipment manufacturer Skanray Technologies Mysore.

With very minimal intervention, the DIXE gateways were successfully connected to the the C-Arm systems gathering data about the performance and failures of the equipment and making them available on the cloud for further analysis by the experts. The analysis dashboards and alert systems would greatly help in preventive maintenance of the system, system usage analysis for better evolution of the product design. The demonstration was greatly appreciated by the Skanray technical experts and management team, and it is seen as the important step in the evolution of the product capabilities which can go long way in improving customer satisfaction and reducing service costs.

Rugas technologies along with their strong partnership with Swiftsense Singapore have unique expertise in developing and deploying solutions which require iot, data analytics and cloud application deployment. The strong system knowledge also enables these kind of solutions not only for the upcoming products but also for the products in the install base, there by opening a great set of possibilities for the existing products. The plug and play approach and the deft handling of Integration would help the equipment manufacturers to focus on their system design leaving all the monitoring and analytics aspects to Rugas Technologies where they can add better value.

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