Healthcare Information technology is one of our core strengths and we have developed solutions which has enabled hospitals to bridge their gaps in connectivity between various actor components like acquisition modalities, PACS and RIS systems. With our expertise in DICOM and HL7 standards, we have developed solutions for Modality worklist management, PACS connectivity, various tools to manage Medical images and solutions to bring down storage & distribution costs medical images in cloud and web applications. We are aware of the diversity of the technologies that are used in an hospital setting and our solutions are custom made for the given scenario at the customer location.

Proximity Beacons

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) based proximity beacons are being heavily adopted in proximity marketing and indoor navigation applications. We have worked on various applications using proximity beacons, dynamic eddystone beacons and also incorporating Google’s physical Web for marketing and advertising applications.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is fast catching up with marketing and tourism use cases, and we have good experience in developing Augmented reality apps using Qualcomm’s Vuforia toolkit to deliver dynamic augmentation and rendering of 3D models. We have developed a fully automated platform which can enable any business content augmentation on any media like Images or Videos along with our app component integrated with Vuforia toolkit.

Rpi Based Embedded Controls

We have developed solutions based on Raspberry Pi SBC(Single Board Computer) for some of the automation needs of the customer. We have successfully completed projects integrating relay switches, camera modules, serial lines, Wifi modules etc and achieved high reliability in the field with these solutions.

Deep Learning and AI

Our expertise in Deep learning frameworks like Keras and tensorflow enables us to develop deep learning solutions for artificial intelligence problems, Text reading from images, Named entity recognition in english language text, Color palette recognition from images, object recognition are some of the projects we have successfully completed for our clients.


We have developed few prototypes for our clients on the open source block chain platform HyperLedger Fabric including smart contracts development.


Web and App Development

We have an experienced team which has worked and delivered projects on Web technologies & back end (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, VueJs, React, React Native, PHP/Laravel, Django/python, NodeJs, ExpressJs, Mongo Db, MySQL, Android SDK etc) and we undertake end to end development, deployment and optimization of web platforms including cloud deployments.